Easy payment

Each customer has a payment term linked to their customer account. We offer our new customers the option of paying online, by bank transfer or by Visa and Mastercard. If you choose to pay by credit card, the money is immediately withdrawn from your card when payment is confirmed. 

Unless expressly stated otherwise, our Company's invoices are payable in cash at our Company's registered office, without discount or deduction, after receipt of the Products.

Returns or refunds are settled by credit note. They do not suspend the due date of invoices that have fallen due and the Customer agrees not to offset them in any way.

In the event of non-payment - even partial - of an invoice or bill of exchange accepted on the due date, all outstanding debts shall become immediately payable and our Company also reserves the right to cancel any order in progress.

The Company's invoices shall automatically bear interest from the due date at the legal rate in force in Belgium plus 2%.

In addition, the outstanding amount will automatically be increased by 15% by way of conventional fixed compensation with a minimum of 100 Euros.

Easy, secure payment.